Together with our parent company SATS, we are dedicated to safeguarding the long-term interests of our communities. This includes our customers and employees. Together, we can work towards the betterment of the world through food. 

Reduce Food and Packaging Waste

Our food waste management systems help to reduce the volume of avoidable waste and unnecessary disposal. In this manner, we are made more efficient, allowing us to work on creating more  sustainable cycles of renewal and regeneration.  We are also exploring and implementing initiatives to turn food and material waste into sources of energy. An example of this would be the use of eco-digesters to convert food waste into refuse-derived fuel additives, recycled water, and fertiliser.

SATS Sustainability Report

Our sustainability goals are aligned with our parent company, SATS Ltd. Our purpose of feeding and connecting communities reflect our ambition to drive a positive impact across our business but also on our customers, industry partners, shareholders and employees.  You can read more about our dedication to evolving our business practices for the betterment of the world in the SATS Sustainability Report.  

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