Core Proteins,
Alternative Proteins
and Bakery

Core Proteins 

Farmpride - Meals in Minutes
Farmpride delights families and attracts new fans by keeping our classic recipes of frozen food offerings tasty and by expanding our range with new Asian and international cuisines.
Butcher's Ridge
Butcher’s Ridge adds to our core protein offering of poultry and meats. It houses a wide range of great-tasting, freshly frozen high-quality chicken, beef and lamb cuts. Sustainably farmed, our cattle are reared with good farming practices. Our meat cuts are hormone and antibiotic-free.
Kuro focuses on a wide range of great tasting, freshly frozen high quality pork cuts to meet the everyday demand of pork consumption in SG. Sustainably farmed, our pork cuts are hormone and antibiotic free.
Tyson Foods - One Bite Says It All
World's second-largest meat processor and marketer - offering the fastest-growing portfolio of protein-centric brands and one of the largest and most robust protein portfolios in the food industry

Alternative Proteins

Impossible Foods - Eat Meat. Save The Planet
Impossible Foods' mission is to make the global food system truly sustainable by eliminating the need to make food from animals
Fable - Foods Unearthed
An Australian-based braised meat alternative-, products are created using ingredients that are as minimally processed as possible, with shiitake mushrooms making up two-thirds of the ingredients list.
Growthwell Foods - Nourish All Beings from the Heart
Infusing vibrant Asian food cultures with plant-based innovation, Growthwell Foods is making a nutritious, more sustainable food system one plate at a time
v2food - For Every Taste-a-tarian
Australian-based producer of  delicious, nutritious alternative for anyone who loves the taste of meat but doesn’t want to get it from animals
First Pride - Sooo Good, No Bad.
With First Pride, you don't have to choose between taste and nutrition


Europastry - Made with Love
Bringing you par-baked breads, viennoiseries, pastries and snacks that are ready-to-bake and ready-to-serve.
Dots Original
Offering an ever-growing variety of ready-to-serve doughnuts and dough balls, we produce more than 2.5 million units a day.

Our Solutions and Services

Sysco's team of experts offer customers in-depth consultations that cover everything from Understanding P&L Statements to developing new Menu Solutions. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or starting from scratch, we’re your business partner at every step of the way.
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