Passionate about providing high-quality, nutritious and tasty food to consumers, we want to help businesses in food services succeed. Our innovative solutions help our customers scale up, go further and deliver at the highest quality possible.

What We Can Do For You

Our position as the leading protein importer, distributor and processor in Singapore allows us to act as a gateway to Asia for our customers. Together with our extensive network we also provide expertise in food service systems such as conventional, commissary, ready-to-eat and serve, as well as food assembly production  and other culinary solutions.  We see our customers as partners and work together to develop food solutions to better suit the evolving needs of the world. This means exploring protein alternatives, logistic processes that work to reduce carbon emissions, and moving towards a more sustainable future together.


Our broad range of customised foodservice solutions help our customers deliver tasty, high-quality produce to consumers.  With experienced culinary teams and capabilities for large-scale operations, we are able to support hotels, restaurants, cafes and more of all sizes.  Our global reach also ensures that we have an extensive suite of brands and food sources on hand, each carefully chosen for its quality and commitment to creating a more sustainable future. Frozen food, plant-based alternatives, meat and ready-to-eat food are just some of the categories of products we work with.


Sizable logistic and warehousing solutions, sourcing and procurement expertise and other go-to-market capabilities are just a small part of our suite of turnkey solutions for retailers.  Serving supermarkets, distributors, wholesalers and more, our Digital Integrated Supply Chain ensures that businesses are ready to go at a moment’s notice  with a dedicated team to support their needs.  Our experience and capabilities also allow as to serve as the ideal springboard for retailers looking to move into the Asian market.  Basing this off the use of “turnkey solutions”

Brand Owners

We work to take brands further. Our dedicated Sales and Marketing teams provide effective solutions to help brands grow sales, increase footfall and maximise profit. Part of our solutions include connecting brands with businesses around Asia. We do this through tailored digital initiatives, brand and trade marketing services, even tapping on our culinary team’s expertise to showcase brands in a favourable light for Asian palates . Our efforts ensure our customers are distributed through a variety of channels, extending their reach across the region. With end-to-end cold chain solutions, we also ensure brand products and goods are kept safe and delivered at its highest quality possible.

Who we have worked with

Client Testimonials

“A big Tyson THANKS to the Country Foods and SATS teams for your partnership and engagement at ThaiFex and beyond.”

Christopher Langholz

President International at Tyson Foods

“Just a quick note to say thank you very much for securing this opportunity for v2food. We are so excited that our CEO & Founder Nick Hazell was able to be interviewed LIVE on CNBC (wow!) and really appreciate all the work you did to get him there.  We are so excited to be working with the Country Foods team to launch v2 into the Singapore (and Asia) market”

Sarah Murdoch

Head of International Market Development at v2 Food
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